Moab MTB

Every year for my birthday for the last 4 years, I get together with some buds for a bike trip to Moab in October to ride the Whole Enchilada trail and a few other fun rides. It’s one of my favorite bike trips of the year.

I arrived on Friday afternoon well ahead of everyone else, so I took some time to get situated in our AirBnb and then grabbed my drone and headed back into Moonflower Canyon. I hadn’t spent a lot of time using this drone so I wanted to try and grab some photos and video with the drone around sunset. Definitely need some more experience with this thing and have been looking for more opportunities to get it out and shoot!

Here’s a handful of photos I grabbed from about 2k feet high. With all of the colors, Moab has some pretty epic and gorgeous sunsets. I went several miles back on the road, past the large group camping sites. Pretty cool what a drone can do, a whole new perspective.

Day 1 – Captain Ahab

It’s pretty much a given that we’re going to ride Captain Ahab when in Moab, and that’s the first trail we did. The weather couldn’t have been any better, perfect temp and gorgeous blue skies. Tried to use the drone to get some cool follow-cam footage, but didn’t have any look getting it to lock onto one of us to follow.

Day 2 – The Whole Enchilada

Let me start by saying, if you plan on riding the Whole Enchilada – make your reservations well in advance! We almost didn’t get to ride it as we booked late and almost everything was booked up. Luckily, we got a 10 a.m. ride on the Porcupine Shuttle which was the last one available for the weekend out of four shuttle services.

Another perfect day in Moab for the biggest ride in town! It was chilly at the start, in the high 40s (at 11k elevation). It warmed up pretty quickly though and was never really uncomfortable. I wore my vest for the first few miles descending from the top of the trail. I don’t think there are any other trails that encompass so many different types of terrain in a single ride. This trail is epic!

Our Enchilada was unfortunately cut short due to a bike malfunction. A bolt fell out of Doug’s suspension linkage making it so that you couldn’t even sit on it and roll without possibly causing damage to the frame. Happened in a good spot though, just before the Snotch. So we were able to take a close side trail out of the road and make our descent down that way. Otherwise, we’d have been out there all day and night walking down the trail! There’s always next time.